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Located in the Imereti region of Georgia, Georgian Manganese LLC’s Mine (“Chiatura Mine”) has a rich history dating back to the late 19th century. After successfully navigating over a century’s worth of evolving social, political and economic landscapes, Chiatura Mine has emerged as one of Georgia’s leading employers and producers of manganese ore.  

Together, Chiatura Mine, Zestafoni Ferroalloy Plant (“Zestafoni”), a silicomanganese processing plant, and Vartsikhe, a nearby hydroelectric facility that powers Chiatura Mine and Zestafoni, make up GAA’s Georgian holdings. GAA is a Miami, Florida-based leading manufacturer, supplier and trader of ferroalloys. 

The Chiatura Mine and its various industrial facilities are situated over an area of 100 kilometers and divided into two parts by the Kvirila River. The deep gorge of the river creates 13 distinct uplands, all of which have a geological structure consisting predominantly of mesozoic and tertiary sedimentary rocks. In addition to providing a rich depository of mineral resources, the territory also serves as an ideal location from a logistical and operational perspective, as it is only 45 kilometers from Zestafoni and in proximity to transportation infrastructure. 

The Chiatura Mine extracts three main types of manganese ore from the surrounding limestone and conglomerated sandstone – carbonate, oxide and peroxide. Altogether, the manganese ore mining operation is comprised of seven fully-functioning mines and eight open quarries. Once materials are extracted, they are shipped to Zestafoni and other processing facilities for further cultivation. Additionally, Chiatura Mine features numerous onsite metal enrichment factories that it utilizes to produce several grades of manganese concentrates and other ore products.  

Chiatura Mine is capable of producing approximately 261,000 metric tons of manganese ore per year, and approximately 400,000 metric tons of manganese concentrate per year.